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Partners Project Overview #Schoolcomparison

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My main role in the production of the journalism project was working the tri-caster. What that consisted of was switching the videos and audio so that it looked like an actual news cast. Ryan Kobelsky set up all the videos so that they were all in order and all I had to do was switch between them at the right times. At first I was nervous and I didn’t want to screw up but as I went along I became more confident and was able to switch at a moments notice. We ran into a slight problem with the Skype set up where the internet went down for a clip and I had to quickly switch to our own anchors to introduce the next story. Overall I had a good experience, I learned new things and found the set up of the project to be very interesting. I think the partners project was a huge success and it could definitely be done again in the future. By: Heather Wood



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