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Project Reflection- Kezia

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This project has really went beyond not just our curriculum but it has also raised the level of journalism class to the international standards. While working on this project, there were few challenges and obstacles that our class had to face but at the same time, we all gained new skills and experience. At times, it was frustrating when we had to figure out how to use a specific technology such as editing our videos in IMovie but that was all part of the learning experience. Through this project, I learned how to make a newscast, conduct interviews, and using IMovie to combine all of our photos and videos in order to make a newscast.

This project, in my opinion turned out really well in the end. When we broadcasted live on the final night, we had a few technical difficulties. We ran into some internet issues and there was still a video left to upload which happened to get uploaded at the very last second. I think that everyone did a fabulous job in bringing this whole project together. If we get an opportunity to do another project like this, I would definitely be willing to do it again.


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